All pieces are in 750/1000 gold or 925/1000 sterling silver, with a natural or golden finish. The gold finish results from a gold bath, which will always be at least 1 micron.

What does 1 micron gold plating mean?

The bath that is normally used in most parts is called "flash". This means that the pieces are subjected to a very light bath, which results in the layer of gold they remain with only containing 0.17 microns, that is, 0.05% of gold. When we use 1 micron gold plating, which contains more than 5 times the amount of gold, we guarantee greater quality and contribute to the durability of the gilding of each piece.

However, as it is a gold bath on natural silver, over time, and depending on use, the pieces suffer wear and tear, which causes the gold layer to begin to fade. To ensure the good conservation of your pieces, Oficina4 recommends:

- Avoid contact with water;
- Avoid contact with creams, perfumes and detergents;
- Avoid sleeping with the pieces;
- Transport the parts in proper boxes, properly packed.

If you have a problem with your parts, contact us so we can help. All parts are covered by warranty (excluding normal damage and those arising from misuse), and we have a workshop for repairs, re-gilding the parts, among many other things.